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Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:50 am

Call your insurance agent, your car insurance probably does cover the deer 'strike'.
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Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:40 pm

thought i post some updates & responses. I don't have full coverage so no insurance coverage for the vehicle. I called the nearest Mitsu dealer (Capitol Mitsu), but they said that they just moved and don't have the service facility set up until March. I thought that was kind of strange.

So I have been driving it and the warning lights have essentially disappear. Don't know if the system gave up or due to warmer weather.

I tried to get a wheel alignment at Goodyear Tire service, they practically laughed at the toy car and said that it's too narrow for their rack. On a lark last Friday, I was passing by an empty Firestone store and drove up their rack just fine.

So, the poor i has a bent left arm. It is barely noticeable looking at the arm. But it's quite evident when the mechanic showed me the spacing between the rear of the tire & wheel well. The spacing is definitely narrower on the left side than on right side.

The weird thing is both front tires were toeing outward, while the rear tires both toed to the left. I think some out-of-alignment was already happening, probably due to all the pot holes, before the deer strike. lists the left arm for $125, not bad, but it was for a 2012, need to confirm fitting for a 2014. I am not too thrilled that partsouq is from the MiddleEast, but will have to do more research.

The tech adjusted the front toes to spec, but he said there is not shim kit to adjust for the rear toeing. Have to check with the dealer again tomorrow.

I am glad I had heeded this forum to check the alignment, thank you, you guys rock ! the good news is the i is driving just fine :)

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:11 pm

JoeS wrote:I shudder to think what various magazine road-tests will have to say about the iMiEV's higher-speed obstacle-avoidance tests. On the one hand, the ASC will keep the car in check, but on the other hand it will preclude spirited driving.

No kidding! - I've driven our two cars for 6+ years and never once experienced the ASC kicking in - Had no idea what I've been missing

Now that I've put the wider wheels and tires on one of them (my car) I'm experiencing it so often I wish I there was a way to shut it off permanently

We have two curves on the road to our house which are posted at 35 mph (speed limit on the road is 40 but everybody goes 45 or 50). One curve is a left hander and the other is a right hand. In years gone by, I never felt comfortable taking either of them any faster than about 40 mph, but with the larger tires (same overall circumference, just wider tread) I now regularly take them at 45 and sometimes even 50 if some hot dog Challenger or Camaro is glued to my tail - That always gives me some breathing space

Problem is, on a bone dry road with brand new tires, the ASC really doesn't like me turning the steering wheel very far at any speed above about 40 or it cuts the power and applies the ABS to one wheel - Usually the outside front. Obviously, no tire has lost traction and the car isn't skidding at all . . . . but the damned ASC just keeps spoiling the fun!

I've experimented with different lines through the corners - If I enter near the centerline and hit the apex perfectly and then let it drift back out to the centerline, I can go a bit faster without it kicking in the ASC . . . . I think this is because I'm not turning the steering wheel as much. Less wheel in equals a higher speed before it energizes, conversely if I stay centered in my lane all the way around the curve which requires more steering wheel input, it kicks in at a lower speed. I'm tired of manually turning it off every time I get in the car and many times I forget and then I'm mad at myself when I get to the curves

I understand that one wheel rotating faster or slower than the other three will cause it to kick in . . . . but something else is doing it in my case. It's not a tire losing contact or sliding so I'm going off my line - It's just the darned system spoiling my fun!

Yes, Joe - I've sold my Miata, so now this is all the fun I have! :lol:


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Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:31 pm

I wouldn't mind the ASC switch if I didn't have to hold it for the interminably-long requisite three seconds. :evil:

Your roads in Mississippi must be better than ours, because all it takes is a rough surface on any curve and the ASC does its thing. What I find most disconcerting are the long sweeping high-speed downhills where the slightest surface roughness or bump abruptly turns off the regen as the ASC kicks in.

For me, I can live with it as it's not worth the effort to pursue any mods.
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Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:58 pm

I’d say to unplug a wheel sensor if you don’t want any safeties, but I think that knocks out regen, too. Maybe the steering wheel sensor will do?
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