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2012 ES i-MiEV Contains Tracking Chip?

Hello everyone. I have a 2012 ES i-MiEV hatchback. I'm hoping there is someone on here familiar enough with the car to tell me if there is a GPS tracking chip in it by the dealer or manufacturer. I know some GM cars come with onstar (a universal malware backdoor in your car) that can remotely update or remotely shut your car off. I was wondering if there is anything akin to that in an i-miev, where I could find it, and how to remove it. Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: 2012 ES i-MiEV hatchback

No, there's nothing like that.

Also, you're paranoid.
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Re: 2012 ES i-MiEV hatchback

Nope. No such beast in these cars. Yet another advantage to simplicity.
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