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Socket replacement type 1 -> type 2

Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:23 am

Hello from Italy!
I'm a proud owner of a 2013 Peugeot iOn and I'm now planning to switch our other car in the family - an LPG Fiat 500x - to an EV.
Next weekend my wife will test drive the latest 62 kWh Leaf, to check if it's the right choice...

Anyway, since all European cars are now equipped with type 2 port, would it be possible to replace the onboard type 1 socket (j1772) of the iMiev/iOn with a type 2 one?

This would mean using only one wallbox-evse to charge to different cars.
I know there are adaptors to charge type 2 vehicle with type 1 charge and vice versa, but Italy forbids to use adaptors for car charging on public space, and I charge my car in front of my house (the cabinet where the evse is placed is closed, but the cable and the car stay in an open-public space). In addition to this, I find tethered type 2 cables only, like Tesla Destination Chargers. No one uses j1772 anymore, because only old Japanese cars have that socket.

So my question is:
- is it possible? I suppose yes, as I've read of Leaf 24/30 that did this;
- is there space enough to fit the 7-pin type 2 socket?
- any further suggestions?

Thank you!

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