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Supplemental Battery

Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:35 pm

A boost battery for occasional road trip use, or to prop up a degraded pack has long been on this community's want list. There finally appear to be some practical options, one example below.

First, the Bluetti AC200P ]has 2 kWH of LiFePO4 batteries in a 67 lb package that includes a pure sine wave inverter, 120 VAC output. It can also output 12V and 5V USB. It accepts charging inputs of 120VAC, up to 150 VDC directly from solar modules, and 12-24 VDC from a vehicle. That 2000W output is continuous, and it handles up to 4800W surge loads for starting RV air conditioners, etc...

Of course, this would only be for charging the i-MiEV while parked, but it could also provide supplemental cabin heat, etc. and might make the difference for winter practicality for some owners. It also has great potential for emergency genset use, RVs, cabins, tiny homes, boats etc...

This unit appears to be better-made and safer than most if the affordable options that I've seen, though I've just scratched the surface for investigation. The full access screen for BMS data (cell voltages, temperature senders, etc.) is impressive, and I think this one may have excellent potential for mild hacking to add storage capacity with supplemental DC packs, and for future DIY rebuilds of a degraded pack.

Just a conversation starter- I found it while deciding whether to buy another vintage Outback PS-1 (3 kW grid-tied solar inverter with battery backup and automatic transfer switch) for my next solar array project...

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