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Re: my Miev will not charge

Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:01 pm

That seems to be the case to me. There was a delay of a few weeks while they decided whether to cover it under warranty, then another delay of about 6 weeks waiting for delivery of the charger which was never sent, I'm not sure what happened there, they said something about the part number changing. Then another few weeks for the charger to actually be shipped. Then a few weeks figuring out that the MCU fuse having blown ( I did pass on advice to check it from this thread, but not sure if it got through to actual mechanic). Then a few weeks for the fuse to arrive.

So a bit frustrating. Mitsubishi did eventually provide a courtesy car, and I ended up with a new charger for free.
My wife was wanting to change cars anyway, so we bought a new car about a week after it broke and weren't actually inconvenienced much apart from paying an extra set of rego and insurance for half a year.

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