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Re: A/C sticker shock

Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:52 pm

i am the owner of a 2017 i-miev that i got brand new in aug 2017,
last year i put the car in storage for the winter (4 months)
no problem except that i had to jump start the 12 v. batt and charge the lithium ion batt
on 120 volts...for 24 hours. The next day; no display of anything, no crazy lights at all.
this year, did the same but i didn't charge the lithium ion batt because i had anough
bars to get home,
on the way home the car reacted strangly, ie; from 5 bars to 2 bars and back to 5 bars
and then this RBS light came on. (10 km ride)
i got home and plug to 240 volts for charging, i was at 78km of capacity,
i charged all night and got it to 117 km witch is full charge for me,
the RBS was still on, i drove the car in the parking lot for testing purposes,
finally i park it and get on the internet to read you guys.
at night, i got into the car and the RBS was gone, i test drove and came back home with
everything ok.
explanations; RBS is a low 12 volts batt alarm
why low batt alarm in the morning? because over the 4 months this 12v batt got drained
but the lithium ion batt stayed charge.
i did jump started the batt in order to get the ready lamp and i took off
immediatly, not taking time to charge the batt correctly.
from this morning to tonight (10 hours) the system has stabilized and the 12v batt got charged
by the lithium-ion batt,
conclusion; always charge to full both batteries,

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Re: A/C sticker shock

Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:28 am

gbazinet, thank you for your description. A few comments, if I may -

1. For long-term storage, it is advisable to store the main battery around 40% SoC (somewhere around 6-7 bars on the 'fuel' gauge).

2. For long-term storage, it is advisable to either have a smart 'float' charger attached to the 12v battery or else disconnect the 12v battery. The car's alarm system is always active and will drain the small 12v battery, especially now that your battery has been weakened by the very deep discharges and failure to immediately recharge.

The RR display of 117km is not necessarily a good indicator, as that number depends on how the car had been driven the previous 24km. Our 16-bar 'fuel' gauge is the best indicator of battery state of charge.

By far, most of the issues/problems with the i-MiEV stem from a marginal 12v battery. In your case, I would be tempted to replace it now.
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