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A sad sense of Deja Vu

Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:10 pm

Today I received a phone call from our local Chevy dealer ...
I was on their list to test drive a Bolt....

We arrived there at 2:30, and of course received the standard dealership aloofness we have grown accustomed ro.
They took us to the one Bolt they had on stock ($43,000-Premium model)
The car, as we observed, was awesome!. Size wise it's VERY similar to our I-Miev, but much nicer interior, more features, and of course the 248 mile range.

We were under the impression that we were there to test drive it....they even gave us a key....but never let us test drive it.

The salesperson didn't know much about the car...had to consult the window sticker to even tell us which options it had.

The differences were stark. Our Mitsubishi salesperson acted like he actually wanted to sell us a car.
this dealer didn't.

However....no test drive, no INCENTIVES!

If y'all have noticed no advertising. Apparently it will only be "serviced" at some dealerships.
Sounds vaguely familiar.

The base model comes to just under $30000 with tax credit. The base model does not have the QC option, and that is CCS/Combo. $750 extra. The salesman said he might be able to get us the QC option as an option for $750, and they might waive the fee.

Got the distinct impression that they weren't overly wanting to actually sell these cars, which is sad, because it appears to be a nice vehicle.....

Guess I will wait a year or two for the used ones at half the price.

Very disappointed.

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Re: A sad sense of Deja Vu

Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:10 pm

rkarl89203 wrote:Guess I will wait a year or two for the used ones at half the price.
That's our plan too - We wouldn't get very much of the federal tax incentive anyway. Besides, we have a pair of iMiEV's with less than 30K on them, so we need to rack up some more miles before we even think about adding another car

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