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Feedback after 22 months / 18.000km in a C-Zero

Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:21 am

Hello Mitsubishi team (if you read that message :lol: ) !

so now, after roughly 2 years driving & 18.000km in this clone Citroen C-Zero, here our feedback :
+ the car is reliable ! and that's a very good thing. Just had 2 recalls, one for the vacuum pump for the brakes, and one for the software update (battery management in turtle mode)
+ the use costs are very low, and we appreciate that ! (roughly 400 euros for 18.000km)
+ the car is very quiet, inside & outside
+ the assembly of the car is good, inside & outside, very few noises of plastic parts inside
+ easy to clean inside
+ easy to drive in city
+ leasing rates (23 x 149 euros) & buying (48 x 149 euros) is a good price for that car
+ good equipement (alu wheels, fog & day light, clim control, 4 electr. windows, radio & bluetooth

- no clock, no T° sensor on C-Zero !
- propose a 20kwh or (why not ?) a 25kwh battery with some overcost
- propose 8A / 10A /16A charging cable when you order the car
- improve the noise (wind & tyre) & heat insulation (doors & heat elements)
- propose a motor with 2 mode : normal with 68HP and ECO with 40HP (with low consumption)
- seat heating for all passengers
- a 5 seats homologation
- find some low noise / low friction tyres
- propose in aftermarket a cost effective battery repair solution with diagnostic tools ( cell, sub-battery pack) to change only what is needed
- standardise worldwide, brandwide (Mitsu, Citroen, Peugeot) the warranty for battery for 8 years / 100.000 miles

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