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Re: Suggestions for 2014 model

Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:30 am

DaveMiller wrote:Add circuitry turn on the brake lights when slowing down due to regeneration but not using the brakes. (I have a fear the car behind might not realize I have slowed from 45 to 25 without using the brake pedal when approaching a stop light.)
California has changed it's laws making what you suggest legal at least, but in many other states, doing so would still be illegal.

"Stoplamps shall be activated upon application of the service (foot) brake and the hand control head for air, vacuum, or electric brakes. In addition, all stoplamps may be activated by a mechanical device designed to function only upon sudden release of the accelerator while the vehicle is in motion. Stoplamps on vehicles equipped with a manual transmission may be manually activated by a mechanical device when the vehicle is downshifted if the device is automatically rendered inoperative while the vehicle is accelerating"

Car makers make '50 sate legal cars' so we never see anything where the brake lights are illuminated without the brake pedal being depressed - I'm not aware of any manual transmission car which has a device like the one described above. I agree with you that both would be a good idea

I'd like to see the federal laws for the CHMSL changed so it's permissible for it to do what you suggest, maybe by flashing it at a rate equal to the speed of the car's deceleration but I fear that may be a long time coming

Other than the Mitsu, all the cars I've owned over the past 45 years have had manual transmissions and I slow from 45 to 25 pretty quickly by downshifting and there's no brakelights to let anyone know . . . . but I never do it immediately in front of anyone without a quick touch of my brakelights to warn them of what's to come. I drive the iMiEV in a similar manner. Tailgaters get a flash of the brakelights but otherwise, my regen is the same as downshifting in my other cars

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Re: Suggestions for 2014 model

Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:13 pm

I like it Peter! The "shifter" should be P R N E D B - and the E should be free-wheel no regen, and the D could have it's medium amount of regen, and then the B has maximum regen. This puts the most efficient eco mode first.

They should heat all four seats, and they should use a direct heating defroster on the windshield (without visible lines).

They should put a flat and smooth belly pan on the car, and the stock steel wheels should have flat and smooth wheel covers with (virtually) no air holes. Then should add a crisp Kamm back, and small wheel strakes. They have total access to the SIM Drive prototypes, which have very low aero drag - a Cd as low as 0.19 - so they know how to get much more range. Heck, they could put four SIM Drive hub motors in the new i MiEV, and we would all be begging them to take our money! :)
Sincerely, Neil

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