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Re: EV prices in the next 3 years.

Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:48 pm

mlab wrote:
JoeS wrote: Naturally, we consider the i-MiEV far superior to the Smart, if for no other reason than because its interior is voluminous and thus it makes a great workhorse.

Not to start a thread on this, but I am curious about how the two compare, in your opinion (apart from the DCQC, of course).

Well one has 4 seats and the other has 2 - that automatically places the Smart at a huge disadvantage in terms of utility.

As has been said, the rear seats fold down to create a usefully square load area. I have had a washing machine in there already, and no problems fitting it in, and 2 carts of Costco stuff - try doing that in a Smart

From my own personal views, I trust Japanese reliability, and I don't trust anyone else's anymore.
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