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Website for optimal EV-routes

Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:52 pm


We are a small group of developers and EV-enthusiasts who made a website for EV-drivers to find optimal routes between locations. The application is at this stage based on official data of locations for CHAdeMO fast charging stations. Our goal is to provide the best routes possible for your electric car given two end-points, regardless of what car you drive, and based on actual real world distances. To compare with most current route-planners or charge-point finders, we don't simply show you the traditional route for fossil-fueled cars, along with some charging-stations at a fixed distance from that path. We take into account the specific range for each car and use advanced algorithms to choose shortest overall trip:


Please provide us any feedback (in this thread or via the website) which you feel could help us take it from where we are now to something truly useful and beneficial for the EV-community as a whole.

Happy Routing!
The evRoutes team.

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Re: Website for optimal EV-routes

Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:41 pm

I played with a few alternatives for various longer-distance routes from my house. Most said that I couldn't get there from here using CHAdeMO, but one did - guiding me to a CHAdeMO station exactly 60miles (97km) from my house and somewhat along the way to my destination (a couple of miles off the direct path).

At the typical highway speeds around here, I would probably not make it to that charging station as there's some significant hill climbing along the way ... but, of course, I know that and would slow down ... but a newbie might not.

EVRoutes - you might consider refining your algorithm to knock 20% off the range on 65mph (105km/h) US highways, maybe another 5% for every 1000ft (300m) altitude change that is recovered, and maybe 10% (pure guess on my part) if the altitude change is not recovered.

Nevertheless, another useful tool in our bag of tricks... for when I get CHAdeMO.
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Re: Website for optimal EV-routes

Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:49 am

I tried it out as well, and found evRoutes significantly faster than my usual process on Plugshare. It came to the same conclusions that I have in planning three long-distance trips, and added one more DCFC to the route when I purposely moved the destination just past my comfort zone. This site is a great start, though I would of course prefer it to be acquired and integrated with Plugshare...

I'll ditto Joe about incorporating speed and elevation changes. There's a once-weekly highway trip that I made with a midway charge for two years on before discovering a route on surface streets that got me there and back with charge to spare EVen in mid-winter. It's a couple more miles on slower streets, but less time and overall mileage than diverting for either an hour on J1772 or a DC fast charge.

*Though now that I have a CHAdeMO station only 6 miles from home on my primary route to 'anywhere', I'm able to top off before or after a major expedition, allowing fast turnaround times for the i. This has enabled a good number of trips that otherwise would have required our backup car.
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