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Re: Ecodriving (aka Hypermiling)

Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:08 pm

MLucas wrote:I was thinking of going with the spun aluminum disk. They are twice the price but I feel they would be stiffer than the stainless steel and the aluminum would hold up better in our winter salt climate. Thoughts?

If you're mounting aluminum hubcaps on steel wheels in a salty environment, you need to make sure that the aluminum and steel don't make contact anywhere to prevent electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum. It might not be easy to prevent the paint on the wheels from scratching enough to expose some steel. Honda has taken great pains to prevent steel-aluminum contact and the resulting electrolytic oxidation on the mostly aluminum early Insight.

Good quality stainless steel (not always what Chinese manufacturers use) should not participate in electrolytic oxidation with steel wheels.

Aluminum hubcaps could dent more easily than stainless steel unless the aluminum is significantly thicker.

But then aluminum is lighter than stainless steel :)

This might be a good application for some sort of plastic hubcap if a suitable one exists.
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Re: Ecodriving (aka Hypermiling)

Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:56 am

I would do fiberglass over some flat plastic wheel covers. I have found that you need to use two of the spring wire rings on the right side, at least. The moon caps are stainless - but only the cover. The springs are regular steel and the rust and they squeak. Domed is okay, but flat and smooth is even better.

The cameras I used are probably not still available. I looked for view angles 100-120 degrees (too wide an angle "squishes" the image and makes things smaller. I used ~7" LCD screens that are LED backlit (they stay bright even when they get hot) and they are 16:9 so they can widen the "squished" 4:3 image from the cameras.

Here's some similar cameras:

Here's a similar screen: <-- These are really low priced under $36!

I'd save the video mirrors until after you guys do the Kamm back and the smooth wheel covers and the infill flat belly pans.
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Re: Ecodriving (aka Hypermiling)

Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:19 am

jray3 wrote:
MLucas wrote:In a few weeks, I'm going to order the moon hubcaps - see how much I can save there. Summer is coming which means better mileage. I've been looking at the EcoModder forum and getting some other ideas and see if I can get it closer.

My moon caps have just been removed. The 'crinkling' sound that they make as the steel wheels flex never became much less annoying, and it got much louder after one of the caps kissed a curb. (ahem, :oops: thanks dear...) The stainless steel plus a rubber mallet reassumed it's shape almost perfectly, and circular rubbing with steel wool made the scratches very inconspicuous, but the noise from that cover was noticeably louder.

For my next act, I'm considering snap-in lexan that's painted silver on the backside, with relief holes like this plastic flexcap from Finland (he's on EcoModder but has not responded to my inquiries), and he also makes innovative plugs for flush-mount zip ties.... ... hicles.php

But faster and easier, I'll try the heavy duty shrink film for hobby aircraft to cover my stock plastic covers.

jray - when you come up with some new hubcaps, let us know. I'll wait on the mooncaps for now until I see something better.

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Sometimes you're the tortise, sometimes the hare

Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:52 pm

Sorry MLucas, instead of improving my hubcaps, I just upgraded to an SE model. ;-P

The last 24 hours have reminded me of hypermiling's benefits in dramatic ways.

We packed the whole family into my 1965 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet and went down to Portland this weekend for the Rose City Bug-In. Didn't take the Karmann Eclectric this time, as dragging it to a static display never feels quite right, and the Range Trailer ain't done yet. SO, after a great show and 200 miles of incident-free cruising (and since the tuckered-out family had fallen asleep inside the hurricane that is a convertible on the interstate) I made a few full-throttle blasts, passing traffic up hills, etc.. That's when the engine suddenly lost all power. Turns out that the fuel supply pipe was overheated and boiling, vapor-locking the fuel pump. After a cool-down stop, I fell back in line behind some of the minivans and RVs that I had blasted by earlier.... :oops: Hare demoted to tortise.

Since today is another rare and beautiful top-down day around the Puget Sound, I took the Ghia out for more exercise, and halfway to my destination, the accelerator cable parted. My old shoelace substitution trick didn't stick, so I just locked the engine into a high idle, and was able to lug it along at up to 30 mph, with acceleration that made semi truck drivers impatient...
Yet by picking my line and timing traffic lights, I was able to pull alongside an impatient driver who had passed me no fewer than three times over the next few miles. Hare demoted to tortise starts smiling. :mrgreen:

So I slowly cruised on back home, shuttled the minivan out to my wife for the rest of her daily errands, and reclaimed the i. (We usually assign Mr BEAN to whoever will drive the farthest on each day!)
Ready for more hare-brained fun, :twisted: i zipped thru traffic with its usual ease and frosty air conditioning, only causing one pang of guilt when I surprised an old fart in an old pickup truck who didn't get the memo that 55 mph limits died long ago. So I double-checked the 82 mph top speed, blew off all the dust, and several exits later, just missed a yellow light at the top of an off ramp and looked down to select my music for on a long red light. When I looked up again, who was behind me, but the old fart and his slow pickup! Tortise ties up with the hare once again! :lol:
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