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Front winter wheels that fit original tires

Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:26 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking since I got my 2017 I-MIEV back in June… thanks for all the great information! :)

When I purchased the I-MIEV, the dealer provided me with a set of winter tires in these sizes:

Rear: 185/55R15
Front: 145/65R15

The challenge now is to find decent winter wheels for these and it seems like the fronts are the challenge :) . In my search, I came across these wheels for the front - spare tire steel wheels for a Citroen C1:


The dimensions look good, minus the center bore. It's bigger at 60.1, the I-MIEV is 56.1.

Would these wheels work? Does the center bore mater on the I-MIEV?

Also, will I need different wheels nuts? Or will the originals work?

Thank you all so much

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Re: Front winter wheels that fit original tires

Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:34 am

Interesting that the dealer supplied you with off-sized tires, but the rears are only 1.1% smaller in circumference than stock, so I think that'll be ok with the ABS and ASC, though ASC will probably kick in a bit more often in slippery conditions.

With our alloy wheels going for only $75 on http://www.car-part.com, I'd pick up a spare set of those for winter use- though you've gotta double-check the front vs rear measurements with the vendors- they have a habit of shipping the wrong rim...

I don't think the alloys don't require exotic nuts, I've been running the same lug conical seat nuts on both steel and aluminum rims, for better or worse.
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