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Re: my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:06 pm

Gary12345 wrote:The lids of the boxes under the boot have a sealant type stuff on, its not a gasket. You prise the lid off and it breaks the seal.

Also the orange "fuse" under the passenger seat can be removed without taking the seat out - just push it back as far as it will go and its possible to unbolt the cover and remove the fuse. If you do remove the seat it can put the airbag light on, which then needs resetting to turn it off. Not exactly a major issue but can be an annoyance if you don't have the correct diagnostic tool to do so.


Any suggestion of what kind of sealant to use when I'm ready to seal it up again ?

I've had the passenger seat out before when I did the cell swap and I have the diagnostic tool to reset the airbag fault (again) so that's not a problem.

Also with this weather (rain for the next few weeks pretty much) the only way I will be able to work on the units if I tackle the soldering with the OBC still fitted in the car is if I lie inside the car over the folded down back seats - and removing the front passenger seat gives me a LOT more room to work if I do this. :)
- Simon

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Re: my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:23 pm

Blimey thats dedication ! :shock: To be fair when I had the traction battery out of my first i-miev it was dark with a light drizzle and I had got that far I couldn't resist taking the lid off.....

Anyhow i'm honestly not sure what kind of sealant it is, its grey and looks to me like lead sheet sealant but I couldnt say whether that is suitable for electronics applications or not - I would think as you're planning to chop it in then if you get the car working just bolt it up tight and call it job done... Or maybe worry about that if you are able to fix it?

Best of luck with your lying down soldering in the dark !


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Re: my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:19 pm

kiev wrote:...
The reason i believe the MCU fuse mechanically fails first is that there is a smaller 20A fuse on the OBC output between the snubber caps and the MCU fuse, which has never blown in anyone's OBC or MCU fuse failure.

Over time, the shock and vibrations while driving caused mechanical fatigue of the tiny thin copper fuse element seen in the xray photos which caused an open circuit situation that resulted in a very high inductive voltage spike that punched thru the snubber caps. This is the simplest explanation that covers all the damage and lack of damage found in most failures. ....

This may have been brought up somewhere, but would it be prudent to preemptively replace the MCU fuse before failure ? though I have a 2014 iMiev, supposedly with different OBC.

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Re: my 2013 Peugeot iOn will not charge :(

Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:38 pm

i would say yes, change the fuse before it fails--that's the cheap insurance bet.
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