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Re: Investigation - fast 12v depletion while stored

Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:14 am

jray3 wrote:...I confirmed that the ACC position does not bring in the dc-dc, as my house battery (a yachting term) is resting at a measly 12.1V even after an overnight charge plus an hour of driving. :o With temperature correction for 50 degrees F, that's only 25% state of charge, and turning on the headlights and radio pulls it down to 11.5 V within a minute.
:shock: jray3, where exactly are you measuring that 12v?
jray3 wrote:Teslas are notorious for a short service life on their 12V batteries due to the standby loads and continuous wireless connectivity.
Yup, the inordinate cycling contributing to its demise, which is why I keep my Tesla's 12v battery on a float charger. Left to its own devices, the Tesla wakes up and recharges that 12v battery from the main pack a few times daily, depleting the main pack at about 1%/day.

Back to the i-MiEV: if I know one of the i-MiEVs won't be driven for even a couple of days, I slap a float charger onto it. Have a fused Anderson PowePole connector directly across each i-MiEVs 12v battery.
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Re: Investigation - fast 12v depletion while stored

Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:23 pm

Joe, I'm reading that 12V at the cigarette lighter, err. 'accessory outlet'. Need to go straight to the battery posts, it's just harder to do solo. I haven't gone further than this because the car shows no other signs of being dissatisfied with the 12V system, the weather is warming up, and I have a lithium jump starter in the emergency kit.
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Re: Investigation - fast 12v depletion while stored

Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:27 pm

Been a while. I went to get my flash drive with music out of the I-MiEV. The car's been sitting since April 3. I went out to the car, it unlocked and started just like normal. I started it up and let the battery charge up a bit.

Tonight, I plan to go out, unlock the car, open the door, close the door, and lock it back up, and let it sit for a few days to see what happens.
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