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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:58 pm
by PV1
True, the i-MiEV is far from perfect, but the engineering is quite solid and well thought out.

It's the little things that make or break a car for me, and the i-MiEV checks nearly all of the little things (speed sensitive wipers, headlights that default to low-beams when turned on, a fully manual climate control system, and something else I thought of this morning but can't remember :P ), which makes me a very satisfied owner.

It looks goofy, tiny, even cute, but you can't find another car in the US that uses space as efficiently as the i-MiEV does. Don't believe me, trying finding space to install a subwoofer and amplifier, a carputer box for your head unit, or a Playstation 2 and a power inverter. The sub and amp had to be returned (had space for the sub, but wasn't satisfied with the sound), the computer is in the glove box, the power inverter is in a wood box covered in duct tape under the passenger seat (which looks like something home-made that will prevent my car from ever entering a secure area :lol: ), and the Playstation 2 is mounted in the secret rear compartment. Or better yet, try (rather don't) to see around a blind curve when coming from a road on the inside of the curve. Only a Smart Fortwo or motorcycle will allow you to get as close to the road as the i-MiEV and still be out of the way of cross-traffic. The lack of a front-end makes it easy to turn off of my road, at either end.

Compare this (not so compact) compact car to other economy compacts, not the more up-scale Nissan LEAF. How does the i-MiEV compare to the likes of the Chevy Spark (gas or EV), Honda Fit, and Ford Fiesta? Honestly, I feel the ride is quite good except for the tendency to react to potholes like they are open manholes, the handling could use a bit less understeer (the Yokohama tires fix this), but overall I wouldn't change the car in these regards. It more than makes up for these issues once you drive the i-MiEV on snow/slush/icy roads. There were several times last winter where I was getting really annoyed with other drivers having trouble pulling away from stoplights, only to realize that's how well the i-MiEV handles bad roads. These were four wheel drive SUVs of all different sizes with good tires on them having more trouble than my rear wheel drive EV with half-worn, all-season, LRR tires on. You just can't beat the smooth, ultra-controlled torque of an electric motor. The i-MiEV seemed to ride on rails over the last two winters.

I've never been more pleased with a car.

Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:20 am
by sandange
FrostyCanada wrote:Guys, I think it's important that we bring these type of silly reviews to light.

I see nothing wrong with making fun of our car, but it's the glaring mistakes or misrepresentation from the reviewer that gets me hot under collar.

As a brand new owner of a 2016 iMiEV, we found it extremely difficult to get a honest review of this great little car.

If it wasn't for the iMiEV forum (and the kind feedback from sandange + a close neighbour/ iMiEV owner) we might have given the iMiEV a pass.

Thank you all,

I agree with you..

This reviewer should do his homework, talk to some long term owners & get all the facts , & try comparing apples with apples (EV price point and class).

He harps on the price of 24,000 - with little or no mention of the government Tax break or subsidy.
He talks about poor resale value but is not aware of or fails to mention the many $ 99/ month leases they had as promotions to get people behind the wheel. Also is not aware that several lease end people waited to buy them back at auction prices.
He shows a clip of someone plugging in at a L2 and the dialogue talks about 22 hours of charging at 8 amps.
His choice of language when discussing the suspension while driving down a rough road, and in his final recap, is not flattering or professional.

We have to bring up this type of review and point out it's faults, misleading information and (purposely or other wise) omission of information.

Thanks you Frosty for your comment on my u tube videos, glad I was of some help in your decision making. Still trying to figure the YouTube settings.

Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:04 am
by tigger19687
I LURVE my little Jelly-Bean.

Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:03 am
by FrostyCanada
offgridQLD wrote:The ride is rubbish and the handling is rubbish to.

The interior is joke for what the car cost.

The acceleration is crap from 0 -30kmh is average for tiny city car from 30kph - 100kph.

Hello Kurt, I don't think you'll get hate messages here, and I welcome your comments, but I did say the same thing when driving a Chevy Cruise.

The car has a poor interior, with rubbishy handling and very meagre acceleration as compared to a Cadilac CTS. ;)

Just putting things into perspective.

The iMiEV is an excellent "tiny" econobox that does the job extremely well.


Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:00 pm
by offgridQLD
I guess what I am getting at is while yes there is more to the Imiev design that is hard t market and just works well. Life is all about compromise and yes a small car at a price point has it's compromises.

Though we shouldn't make to many excuses for the Imiev were they could have done better. To compare the car to say my 1984 civic that I had for almost 20 years. The car was just 850kg with about 130hp from the factory in (Japanese spec twin cam efi form) The over all car was smaller than the Imiev though the feeling of space was more than the Imiev. It shared a simple (almost agricultural suspension) though suffered none of the Imiev's pore handling. The interior was basic (more so than the Imiev) But had a feeling of quality in the plastics, finish and design. Honda lost there way after the 80's though.

What I am getting at is we all could be a bit guilty of getting to emotionally attached to the car and perhaps gloss over the reality of what the Imiev is. Yes it has some good points and i like driving my Imiev to. Though there are many things that were mentioned in the video review that are true (while yes his words where insensitive. Particularly with the proud lady owner sitting next to him. I felt sorry for her.

Though I feel if we are honest about the car and did a fare comparison (as in a fare review of every other small car in the price bracket) I think we would have to agree. A better outcome can be achieved for the same price point.

Mitsubishi needs to stop flogging this old (ice based) design and come up with something new and improve all the shortcomings that can be addressed by a fresh design. Good design throughout the car . Mechanically aesthetically and functionality doesn't always cost more .

To sum up what I like about the Imiev is all the EV components. The simple RWD / direct drive motor reduction drive is perfect. The motor controller and charger have been reliable. The air conditioning system is quiet and efficient. The electric power steering is simple and works great. The DC fast charging is great. The batterys and management system have performed very well and I like the simple instrument cluster layout.

Just take it all the above out and put it into a more worthy chassis, interior and body. Hey I would even prefer the running gear from the Imiev in my old 84 civic hatch body :lol:

Ps, If they can unlock a extra 30hp or so and up the battery to 20kw that would be nice to ;) ok now I'm just being unreasonable.


Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:35 pm
by Phximiev
Found this on U-Tube:

And this:

And this:

How could anyone dislike this car?

Happy New Year to all! :D

Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:46 am
by FrostyCanada
These are great videos.

I still find the original jananese or European models to be cuter as compare to the Americanized version.

Happy New Year,