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iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:31 am

Hello all, stumbled upon this yesterday.

Not very flattering to say the least.

I would categorize this review as a classic misinformation piece, a the expense of a great little car.

But despite of all these negative review our little family is super happy with the addition of a new super economical 2016 iMiEV.

The only problem we have with the car is who's going to be driving it.

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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:16 am

Saw the Review

Ignorance at its best
I prepared this rebuttal but judging by the quality (or lack of) the followers comments....
I decided to share it here and not fuel this misleading short sighted video hits count.

Miev Review Rebutal

I have owned 2 i Mievs and driven over 75,000 miles / 120,000 km total.
I looked at other EVs but could not justify the extra costs.
This is my second i Miev first one was a 2012 ES, I drove 41,500 miles / 67,000 km in 2 years, traded up when there was a new model and a price drop too..
I now own a 2014 ES , for 17 months and have driven
it 34,800 miles / 56,000 km.
If I spent as much time charging it as you have stated this would not be humanly possible.
Obviously you have missed the whole reason of design and purpose of the I Miev,
It's quite clear the shape and looks of the i Miev does not appeal to you.
You've presented all the negative aspects of this EV because you are trying to compare it to a vehicle , gas or otherwise, designed for a different application.

You have made some valid observations, the interior is of basic finish
the location of some of the switches are poorly placed. the cargo space is impressive.
Yes raise the bridge or lower the river- The drivers seat goes up or down , - not the steering wheel.

This car is designed to be an economical daily local runabout, not a Luxury highway runner. It is well designed for it's purpose . It accelerates very well from zero to about 30mph / 50 kmphr where most people do most of their local driving speeds, and is very capable of speeds up to 80 mph/ 130 kmph

Yes it has a 60 mile /100km range -
Fact: 90 % of the people only drive 40 miles on their every day routines. Yes you do have to do a little more planning.

Not mentioned
Fact ] - Interior has large windows & visibility is very good
Fact - getting in and out of the car is easy at an easy access height. Not at all what you portrayed in your video. Place the seat fully forward and try and get in or out of any car.

Fact - Most i Mievs are equipped with a fast charge port that can charge you to
80% in 15 - 20 minutes.
Fact : where I live $ 1.60 of electricity at home charging gets me a full charge -
60 miles / 100 km.
Fact : Most people who own one, charge at home on a 220v outlet over night and have a
full battery every morning 60 miles/100 km
Fact : Should you have need to go further, a 20 minute stop or lunch break at a fast charge station will top you up to 80%.
Fact: the battery is guaranteed for 8 years or up to 100,00 miles/160,000km.
Fact: the North American model is approximately 4" wider and 10" longer than the original European models, & was introduced in fall 2011 to North America.

One other point neither of the 2 i Mievs I owned lost their range capability to travel 60 miles on a full charge.

In my opinion, even though your video presentation looks professional and sounds convincing it seems to be a LITTLE misleading, and does the car injustice.

Sandy (Sandman)
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:25 am

I'm saddened that we're all going to click and view this pathetic video, thus enhancing the originator's rating.

Unbelievable that something like this gets posted as an allegedly 'professional' review, and by someone who professes to favor electric vehicles. Not only i-MiEV, but Mitsubishi bashing.

Sadly, the young lady who is evidently the owner of the vehicle and loves it did not present a case for it.

I'm preserving my blood pressure and am refraining from formulating a detailed rebuttal.

Makes me think that each of us should make our own videos (based on personal experience which would thus carry some weight) and publish them and swamp YouTube with objective i-MiEV reviews.
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:08 am

Joe, couldn't agree more. I've actually done some en route video reviews, but they are quite dated now. I'll refrain from watching it as it will only aggravate me :twisted: .

Even if we do post real reviews of our favorite jellybean, will it make a difference? It seems corporate has condemned the future of the i-MiEV, so would some truthful videos make a difference in sales? How would people wanting the i-MiEV even get a new one? If it's not sitting in a dealer's lot ready to go, very few people will take the chance of ordering a car sight unseen.

It's amazing to see the difference in perspective between the JDM demo cars and the US production cars. Early reviews are mostly positive, but once they are sold here, they are the worst cars ever.

I still think this is one of the best pieces for EVs: ... 2&emc=eta1
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:33 pm

Hey all,

I also saw this review.

If you watch it a couple of times you realize that he says a lot of good things about the car. But the things he doesn't like he deems completely unacceptable. He is under enthusiastic about the great points of the car (and he misses a few) and over enthusiastic about the things he doesn't like.

I think he came up with a clever "lost in translation" idea and then wrote a review to support this story.

Anyways I wrote a comment and he answered it (but I forgot about it and this thread reminded me) so I just answered.

His review is a bit all over the place, when you know as much about the car as we do it's kind of hard to take seriously.

But it is really well photographed and I appreciate that.


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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:57 pm

The video quality is great. I love the video of the i'miev's underside and some of his explanation of the suspension. I'm sure funding for this video was provided by a deep pocket from somewhere.

I feel sorry for the girl who drives that car though. I hated to see her bright smile melt away after he insulted her and her car by calling the car's suspension "garbage". She probably thought she was being interviewed for driving a wonderful car but instead was dragged through some nasty politics. :evil:
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:42 am

He was actually mostly correct on the limitiations of the vehicle, not counting the charging which was sadly mispresented. What he was completely wrong about was what people need from a commuter vehicle. For example, if you sit in traffic for hours every day it doesn't mean you've travelled hundreds of miles. You may have just travelled twenty. Having an ICE car sitting in traffic, now that's stupid.

And really, it's not like we actually have a choice. The Paris climate agreement just signed means we need to stop using fossil fuels. Not maybe stop, but really stop. Completely. Unpluggable vehicles would need to be banned within a couple of years. Otherwise we have no chance in keeping the temperature rise below two degrees. Over that and we're screwed. Oh, the planet doesn't care, but we sure will. / EVs: Nissan Leaf 2012, Citroën Xsara 1997 (conv. 81V & 8" Series DC) and Kawasaki GPX750R 1987 (conv. 87V & ME1003 PMDC) / Used to have a Citroën C-Zero 2011

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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:28 am

I copied the following quote from a previous iMiev forum post (Re: David Patteron Mitsubishi EV and PHEV, Parts 1&2 - from Inside EV - one of the comments):

Phximiev wrote:Inside EV article comment:

As an owner of a 2012 iMiev, I can say that its the perfect commuter car and suits us, and more than likely, most commuters of every walk of like. We put on 1,000+ miles per month with no oil changes, no gas, and no maintenance to speak of. Most commuters drive less than 50 miles per day and we are no different. Most of our driving is surface streets with speeds of 35 to 45 mph and rarely some freeway. The iMiev handles all of it well. When we need it, there are plenty of charging spots with Chademo if necessary. Thus, we have no range anxiety. As far as cost, it is the lowest cost EV on the market by a fair margin. We charge at night and have a full ‘tank’ in the morning. No sweat. As far as the looks, it is different, but we like it and receive positive comments from most everyone. At work and at home, its parked in the garage, which means that for 18 hours a day it sits and does nothing. That kind of commuter use does not justify a more expensive car. In sum, the car fits our commuting lifestyle and I am convinced that, as is, it would fit most commuters as well.

This basically says it all.

IMO, the video is crap.

PS Perhaps these topics should be consolidated.
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:55 pm

Guys, I think it's important that we bring these type of silly reviews to light.

I see nothing wrong with making fun of our car, but it's the glaring mistakes or misrepresentation from the reviewer that gets me hot under collar.

As a brand new owner of a 2016 iMiEV, we found it extremely difficult to get a honest review of this great little car.

If it wasn't for the iMiEV forum (and the kind feedback from sandange + a close neighbour/ iMiEV owner) we might have given the iMiEV a pass.

Thank you all,
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Re: iMiEV 2016 YouTube Review

Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:43 pm

Hey I own a Imiev an a can say 90% of what he mentioned in the video is true.

The ride is rubbish and the handling is rubbish to.

The interior is joke for what the car cost.

The acceleration is crap from 0 -30kmh is average for tiny city car from 30kph - 100kph.

The car has very little features and looks only a mother could love.

Well why did I buy one then you could ask. It was the only affordable EV in My country at the time. The leaf was 40k at the time and the Imiev was available new (clearance stock) for 25k.

The two things the Imiev has going for it. Overall its proven to be reliable and low maintenance (yet most small modern Ice cars are with very low km on the clock) It's efficient whr/km (important to me charging 100% off-grid)

It's 2016 soon. If this is the Imiev fo 2016 (basically just the same as the old one) It wont sell for any other reason but its the least expensive identifiable brand name OEM ev. If it sells at all.

I know that might get some hate on a Imiev forum but as a owner I'm saying it as it is.


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