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One-stop compendium of i-MiEV reviews

Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:20 pm

http://evworld.com/reviews.cfm?mfg=Mits ... del=i-MiEV

I don't visit Bill Moore's site as often as it deserves, and hadn't seen a number of these articles, most of 'em old. Our own JoeS got quoted in excerpts from this forum.
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Re: One-stop compendium of i-MiEV reviews

Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:26 pm

Thanks! These are great. I've added this to my i-MiEV / EV bookmarks.

It's particularly interesting to see how much more positive reviews are outside the U.S. I still believe the main difference is that other markets are more used to the idea of basic kei-car style vehicles and judge the i-MiEV appropriately instead of comparing it to a Camry - or even a LEAF!

While I test drove both vehicles and appreciated the ways in which the LEAF was superior, I felt the i-MiEV had virtues of its own, and those virtues were more important for my buying decision. Buyers with other priorities could easily make a different choice, but what I've found particularly frustrating is the tendency of most American reviewers to judge the i-MiEV as flat out unworthy of consideration. Good to see a more balanced perspective in these reviews.
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