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Steering wheel controls for the i-MiEV

Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:22 am

It's been a while, but I've added steering wheel controls to my car using after market steering wheel controls from the Lancer/Outlander ~2010 models. These fit the existing 2010 steering whee, it even has the cable clamps in the plastic back cover.

You also need a new clock spring though, since the cheap people at Mitsubishi installed one that only connects the horn. The clockspring only cost about 10 euros, so that wasn't too bad. I sacrificed a old floppy connector to transplant into the existing white connector under the steering wheel column. I sacrificed a JST connector for the other side of the clockspring to use inside the steering wheel. Still haven't connected up the illumination wire.

I then made and installed a arduino nano, wrote and adapted some software so that I can use the cruise control knobs with the after market JohnGold Goldcruise controls. These were about 8 years old now and the plastic was giving out. It works a bit more reliable this way.
I control this one using a basic Aliexpress 4 channel arduino relay board, but the schematics I have are for a solid state variant.

Translating the Audio button using the arduino works pretty well, and I use the MCP4151 digipot to drive the 12 year old pioneer radio.

The code and schematics for what I used is here. Photo's are not yet uploaded.

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Re: Steering wheel controls for the i-MiEV

Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:28 pm

databeestje, thank you for all this cool information, including the photos. Nice hack. I hadn't heard of JohnGold before, but see that they have an interesting product line with items specifically applicable to our i-MiEV triplets.
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