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Re: Range extender !

Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:45 pm

Thank you for the information. Now I get better idea about batteries. I saw some videos in youtube, like this:

so thought this idea could work. But with your, JoeS, calculation I can see that carrying additional 130 kg plus it would cost around 1.500 EUR. And finally max range I get 20 km. So it is too expensive and too little use. I think this is the step each new EV owner has to pass:)

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Re: Range extender !

Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:07 am

Why not use ultra capacitors to extend the range a little bit: ... tor/54972/

These are for over a few years, but supercapacitors you can already buy : ... 7291Jqa7po

I am not a HV elektronics engineer but normal low voltage battery always have large capacitors to cope with high peak currents.
Strange there are no huge capacitors in an EV battery.
This will extend the live of the battery pack for sure, and maybe if you make them large enough extend the battery with a few extra Kwh.
If you put them in parallel with the battery pack it will automaticly being charged when the battery is charged.
You have to limit the current of course or you will blowup the charger..
The brake gereneration will work 70% better because all the current can be absorbed by the capacitors.
And the current to the motor can almost be unlimited, so the Imiev will fly ;)

Although there is the problem that if you make a capacitor pack for 400V only a small portion of the capacitor will be used. Because the voltage will never go lower then 300V, only 1/4 of the capacitors will be used. So maybe a DCDC converter is needed and use a 46V capacitor pack.

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Re: Range extender !

Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:07 pm

Don wrote, in part, as a reply...
".....The car is very well engineered for what it was designed to do - A mostly urban commuter car with a 60 to 80 mile range. If that suits your needs, then buying an iMiEV is an excellent choice, IMO

If you need to go farther or faster, you should look into buying a car which has those capabilities, rather than trying to redesign something that was never intended for such use - A Chevy Volt sounds like the perfect car for what you want to do . . . . or maybe a plug in Prius..."

FWIW I completely agree with him.
I will add you might be very pleasantly surprised at how cheaply you can buy a used Volt that has come off lease. ... s=500&sort[]=price_asc

And most of them will have very little age/wear on the internal combustion engine.
For example, one of my friends locally owns one and since she gets about 40 miles range on the plug-in batteries and 85% of her driving is within 40mile round trip with 30,000 miles and 3 years on the Volt there's probably not 8000 miles on the engine. If you find one with, say 80,000 miles on it keep in mind that there's likely way less than 80,000 on the engine.

The Volt is a well engineered plug-in hybrid with high performance and some clever features (such as the fact that, unlike our battery packs, IIRR if one cell in the main battery goes bad it can be replaced without replacing the whole battery pack. Ironic that the company that tried to kill the electric car did such a good job on the Volt.
And now, sadly, GM is going to discontinue making the Volt. IIRR the 2019 will be its last model year.

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