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Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:30 am
by kiev
"Teardown"--really? Looked mostly like a "walk-around" shopper kicking the tires...

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:21 am
by JoeS
My brother-in-law had a reservation for the Model 3, but bought a BoltEV in December in Oregon (long story, but saving him big $$ by buying it before the end of the year). He was still wistful about the M3...

He and my wife's mom are visiting us at the moment so yesterday evening he and I drove over to the Tesla showroom at Stanford Shopping Center where they had a Model 3 on display. It was > 20-minute wait in line just to check in...

Bottom line: the M3 is impressive in its elegant simplicity. Fit and finish looked excellent to us and no ergonomic issues that we could spot. For example, the video picked on the door handles, but to us those door handles are 'different', but worked just fine.

That video is shallow and pathetic, IMO. If you wade through the opinionated chaff in the comments you can find some compelling rebuttals in this InsideEVs piece:
Comments on the Tesla Motors Club:

Summary: my brother-in-law is even more regretting not having waited for the M3... :cry:

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:08 pm
by ChrisEV
Yes I posted the video without comment and it seems it’s generating a lot of controversy.

I’m still torn on whether to get a M3 or something else like a Bolt or the new Leaf when I need a replace my van 2020. Kind of wish the M3 was a mini Model X.

I like the Model3 but I’m still having a hard time with that giant screen inside. I’d have to drive one.

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:36 pm
by PV1
Isn't the rear door mechanical release behind the speaker grill like in the Model X?

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:31 pm
by phb10186
I would love a M3, but would have to be only once they are in full swing production wise - im sure they will get there. Didn't the same shindig happen with the early Model S cars... faults reported, then they sorted it all out? Even the first Leaf's were not great.

I tend to go for cars towards the end of their production run, normally when they get all the creases ironed out.

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:14 pm
by sandange
I understand that these people are highly regarded in the auto industry but I can see some old-world resistance to change.
After viewing this video several times, it is quite apparent that the only thing he and I share are the same first name.
His immediate attitude (snickering and negative comments) are obviously Tech resistant and or he may not see the approach that Tesla has in their design.

The concept with the front hood access to disconnect the high voltage from the battery can be viewed several ways.
One is that in case of collision he would prefer a mechanical system to release the front hood latch.
The front crumple zone would most likely be crumpled.

Do you think that in the situation of a severe accident where all the 12 volt power is lost that the fire department is going to start looking for a release handle or mess with a 12 volt battery to release the hood?
They are more likely to use a pry bar and pop the front hood in 5 second, and cut the high voltage access cables, if the hood isn’t already torn off from the impact.

For question of the rear doors having only a 12v switch to open them from the inside , and no mechanical lever.
What shape will the doors be in after an impact that disables the 12 V system, jammed shut?, wouldn’t a mechanical system also be damaged and inoperable.?& what about rear door child locks?

Other means of escape are possible too - climbing through the front seat or out the rear trunk , also breaking the glass and using the exterior handle if one of the rear doors isn’t damaged beyond opening.

It appears he is evaluating a very early M3 .
As a line waiter & reservation holder - I have been following the Model 3 forums very closely and reading up on the reviews by new Model 3 owners and they are mostly satisfied, with some complaints, but very few.
@ Joe – I’m jealous - I wish I was able to have seen one up close.

For those Interested here is a link to an interesting posting on the Tesla Motors Club Model 3 forum

For Model 3 Owners - How many Miles & Problems have you had?

Patiently waiting on the Model 3

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:26 pm
by PV1
I had the opportunity to check out a Model 3 today after some confusion on the actual location (original invite was for a coffee shop, but it ended up being at the nearby service center). I arrived at the service center to find a total of 4 Model 3 cars present, 3 owner cars and 1 awaiting delivery.

It definitely looks better in person than in pictures. Once you get a feel for how low the front bumper actually is, it doesn't look bare without a grill. It feels narrower than an S but still wider than a Bolt. Visibility is fairly good.

The trunk is really deep. I practically had my head in the trunk and couldn't reach the back of the seat, but the rear seat doesn't quite fold flat (about the same as the Bolt). There is a false floor in the trunk that makes a great space for storing charging cables and adapters. The front trunk is roughly the same size as in a newer Model S, but not as deep (a backpack fits just about perfectly).

The front seats are more comfortable than a new Model S and my Bolt. The rear seat, I think, is too close to the floor to be comfortable for extended drives. The dashboard is shallow and low, making it easy to see over and clean. The 15" touchscreen is more at home than I was expecting. Having the speedometer in the top corner of the screen should be no more distracting than having it behind the steering wheel. The map is the default view on the right 2/3s of the screen with vehicle status on the left 1/3. Different windows, such as vehicle controls, radio, and phone pop up over the map. The rear camera can be toggled on at any time and replaces the map view. In the settings, you can use the steering wheel scrollers to adjust the mirrors, steering column tilt and telescope, and (my favorite) the individual up/down aim of the headlights. The airflow from the dash vents are controlled by the touchscreen and is achieved by varying airflow between passenger-facing and upward-facing vents in the slot.

The exterior door handles are designed to be used by the left hand for the driver's side and right hand for the passenger side. With an open hand, press your thumb to the wide part of the handle, and close your hand around the handle that levered into your palm and pull.

Some things I don't like include how they prioritize using a smartphone as the key. I don't think that is secure. I also don't like the thought of a connected car, especially with the telemetry that Tesla has in their cars. Having said that, the Bolt is just as bad with OnStar, but at least I can (and did) disable the OnStar system without crippling features of the car, only losing the compass and handsfree microphone.

While I was quite impressed sitting in the car, living with the car is a different thing. I don't think I would trade my Bolt for it. However, Tesla certainly did a better job than what it sounds like on the internet.

(And yes, the charge port is power open and power close).

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:49 pm
by siai47
Well I finally got my Model 3 on Friday and have had the weekend to give it a shakedown. It seems to be a very good car with a few quirks. None of the quirks are bad enough to not consider the car. The build quality and fit and finish is excellent. The panel gaps that everyone was worried about are normal sized and uniform. A lot of complaints about front trunk lid fit and my car had the problem. A simple shim under the latch striker plate fixed the problem. The "A" pillar interior covers have a little bow in them and don't fit quite right (a common problem). The touchscreen UI is still a little clunky and could use some work. A little more tire noise than I expected. That's about all the complaints.

On the plus side, the car is a drivers car. It feels planted to the road. The feedback from the steering is awesome. The ride is sporty but not harsh. Plenty of power instantly on tap. Excellent visibility all around except the rear which is just average. No squeaks or rattles. The car isn't much different in size than my Volt on the outside. However on the inside it is far roomier. There is plenty of headroom in any seating position. One of the reasons for the headroom is the low seat height which is somewhat of a problem for the back seat passengers which causes them to bend their knees if they have long legs. But they didn't pay for the car so it doesn't bother me. The audio system sounds great and the HVAC system works perfectly. The single air outlet on the dash is genius and works like nothing else out there. It even has a rear seat air outlet that is selectable from the drivers seat. For night driving there are a pair of the best headlights I have ever seen.

After I sold my Model S I bought a Volt to use as a placeholder until the Model 3 arrived. I thought the Volt was one of the nicest cars I had ever owned and I haven't yet put it on the market until I find out how the Model 3 really is. The people who want a 3 now are paying a premium over sticker to get a used one. And the original owner gets to keep the tax credit. So for a short period of time I am at a very little financial risk if I decided to flip the car. However, my initial impressions are that the Volt is going on the sale block. The Model 3 is that nice.

BTW---I still don't think I could fit a full sized washing machine or dryer in the back and close the trunk like I did with my I-MiEV :D !

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:57 am
by sandange
Big News for Canadians today
The cat is out of the bag for Canadian pricing

Model 3 Base model starts at $45,600 CAD (Canadian Dollars)

It's around what I expected

Re: Tesla Model 3

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:17 am
by sandange
I've been following the Model 3 reviews and postings closely as my ordering time is approaching and I will soon need to make a decision .
I have to say that so far the reviews have been very positive.

Coming from the Miev,
the one major concern was the possibility to pull a trailer and that is now no longer a problem
Thanks to Torklift :D