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500 mile weekend ride in 31 hours

Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:34 am

Left my iMiEV at home and took an electric motorcycle trip last weekend.

I took advantage of a 3 day weekend to ride from NYC to DC on my 2012 Zero S carrying 2 Elcon 2500W chargers. I planned out my stops so I could travel at highway speeds and charge using Chargepoint stations, which allow me to track the charging status. Overall I traveled 487.4 miles through NJ, DE, MD and DC. Weather was mid-60's during the day, upper 50's at night.

Average Speed - 55mi/hr
Charging - 1.5 hrs per stop

Battery life
From NYC to DC: 7.4mi/battery bar (there are 11 battery bars, this was with consistent wind at my back)
From DC to NYC: 6.1mi/battery bar (consistent wind in my face, average speed slightly higher, like )

Approx 4.5hr riding time
Approx 4.5hr charging time
Total: 9hr traveling

The whole trip was beautiful since it is autumn and I caught up on some phone conversations while waiting.

When I got to DC I went swing dancing at night, slept, then went to brunch with a friend at Founding Farmer's in Foggy Bottom. I'd like to try a 24 hour ride for distance, but that will probably have to wait until next spring when the weather warms up and I have some time.

I planned out the stops using Plugshare ahead of time and called the guy who has a charger in his home in Delaware.

Here are the legs of my trip:
69.4mi - 6.5kWh - Montclair, NJ to Rutgers EcoComplex
60.8mi - 6.4kWh (estimate) - Rutgers EcoComplex to Delaware home
58.0mi - 6.4kWh - Delaware home to White Marsh Park and Ride (Baltimore)
52.6mi - White Marsh Park and Ride (Baltimore) to DC destination

All the electricity was free except in DC where I paid $15 for parking and $3.00 for the charge.
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Re: 500 mile weekend ride in 31 hours

Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:42 am

Sweet. I miss motorcycling. If and when I get back into it, I plan to go electric.

Like Dylan...I went electric.

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